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Individual, 400 Hz aircraft supply and voltage compensation at airport gates


  • Control accuracy at the supply point better than ± 1 V
  • Independent control of each phase
  • Compensation of any cable length over the entire load range
  • Designed for all common aircraft types including the A380
  • Data and event memory
  • Remote maintenance and remote control via internet
  • Intelligent, self-protecting power modules
  • State of Health (SoH) monitoring
  • Excellent MTBF


The electronically controlled voltage compensation is used in large, centralized 400Hz ground power supply systems to stabilize the supply voltage at the load point. (aircraft connector).

Central 400Hz aircraft ground power supply systems operate to bridge the sometimes very large distances between the source (converter) and the load (aircraft).

This compensates any voltage drop while the losses are kept low. In the vicinity of the load, the transmission voltage is reduced from 960V (820V) and transformed to the required voltage of 200/115V.

The 400 Hz output voltage is stabilized separately for each phase and kept constant at ± 1 V with a stepwise variable voltage at the supply point, independent of the load. The voltage steps are generated by binary-stepped transformers, each of which is either connected to the 400 Hz output voltage of the output transformer or short-circuited by two IGBT switches. The IGBTs are only switched at zero crossing via a driver circuit. The drivers also provide the necessary galvanic isolation between the power section and the existing control electronics. (> 4 KV AC)

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